Estate Administration

Estate administration refers to the process of collecting and managing the estate, paying any debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining property to the heirs of the estate.

Incorporation of trusts, companies

Incorporation is the legal process used to form a corporate entity or company. A corporation is a separate legal entity from its owners, with its own rights and obligations.


Debtor-creditor law governs situations where one party is unable to pay a monetary debt to another. There are three types of creditors. The third type of creditor is one who has neither a lien aga

Transfers & Transfers of Property

The removal of a case from one court to another court within the same system where it might have been instituted.

Third - Party Claims

Contribution claim (legal) ... A contribution claim is a claim brought by one or more defendants to a lawsuit for money damages brought by a plaintiff. A contribution claim asserts the party (usually).


A taxpayer is insolvent when his or her total liabilities exceed his or her total assets. The forgiven debt may be excluded as income under the "insolvency" exclusion. Normally, a taxpayer is not request.

Marriage Contracts

Duration Varies · Call For Quote A contract between prospective husband and wife, or during the marriage, and which settles in whole or in part, their respective rights and obligations as regards the marriage.

Corporate Contracts

Corporate Contracts

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